Friday, September 23, 2005

Waiting on Wobblin’ Wita (And the Waiting is the Hardest Part, We Hope)

Just one question, one that subsumes all other questions at the moment (such as, Why was there no gasoline? and Why wasn’t there better coordination between the local, county, state and federal governments to ensure a more expeditious flow of traffic?): Is there truly any safe, efficient and fast way to evacuate an overly car-dependent metropolitan area of 5 million or so people? I mean, besides suggesting that people start hitting the highways five or six days in advance, when a storm would be mostly a gleam in Neil Frank’s eye and the landfall is anyone’s guess?

Back in World War II America had way to move masses of citizens quickly and safely. It was called a train system. We understand train technology has been refined quite a bit since then. In Europe and Asia.

But later for that sort of ax-grinding. We also understand some Pakistanis who own a bakery near our house are open and serving hot plate lunches. We’re going to get a couple to go and try to relax and breathe deeply for a while. One good thing about all this yoga we’ve been doing for years: We’re capable of literally kissing our own ass good-bye, if necessary.

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