Wednesday, August 02, 2006

More Proof That Evolution May Not Be Fact

… As ripped from today’s headlines. No, actually, as ripped from the front page of the March 23, 1923 Bryan Daily Eagle (no link available):

Texas Public Schools Must Not Teach Monkey Business as Fact
Evolution Can Be Set Forth as a Theory---Compromise Been Reached On Pope Textbook Bill---"Truth in Fabric" Bill Now Ready for Governor's Signature or Veto
(By Associated Press) The House today engrossed, 69 to 32, the Stroder-Howell bill prohibiting the teaching of evolution in all public institutions of learning in the state. Evolution is interpreted as the theory that mankind sprang from some lower form of life.The bill forbids the teaching of it as a fact ...

Glad that issue was settled.

We mean the "Truth in Fabric" controversy.

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