Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Nothing Says “September 11” Like Subjecting a Captive Audience of Government Employees to a Middle-Aged Rock ’n’ Roll Fantasy

We owe the Houston Chronicle an apology for thinking the newspaper’s Monday story on the “odd pairing” of terrorist attacks and the fashion industry scraped the bottom of the barrel in 9/11 anniversary inanity. At the time we hadn’t heard about the 9/11 observance at a local school district headquarters where the featured entertainment reportedly included the district’s chief publicist, apparently on a short break from spreading Shinola about the local schools.

Our correspondents report that the mouthpiece did not entertain the assembled administrative types by reading a press release but instead was part of an aging amateur “rock combo” that flailed away at The Rising, Little Pink Houses and Let It Be (odd choices, those last two).

Well ain’t that America?

We didn’t witness the alleged show and can’t vouch for the accuracy of the reports. Surely someone is pulling our leg.

We’re gonna take another bath, just in case.

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