Wednesday, November 08, 2006

You Can’t Break a Dog From Suckin’ Eggs

“It was a great day for conservative voters in Senate District 7.” - Radio talker Dan Patrick, author of The Second Most Important Book You Will Ever Read, suggesting that the election of Dan Patrick to the Texas Senate was one bright beacon in a national sea of misery for Republicans

“Of course, Iraq was a major factor …” – Dan Patrick, after enumerating a list of other reasons for the Republican thumping (which did not include the sewer stench emanating from the 109th Congress)

"I had to go down to Houston, in Sugar Land, and act as Secretary of State: 'Take your pencil into the box and then write it in.' I'm not sure Iraq had much to do with the outcome of that election." – the president, explaining, almost correctly, the reasons for the GOP’s loss of Texas’ 22nd Congressional District

She added that she still believes she can accomplish some improvements such as lowering taxes during that time.The Houston Chronicle, paraphrasing U.S. Rep-elect Shelley Sekula[-]Gibbs on her plans for her two-month gig as congresswoman from the 22nd District Congressional District, which apparently do not include pursuit of a nationwide ban on smoking in bars

"That's kind of up to the good Lord. He may decide he wants me doing something different and I'm out of here tomorrow. Who knows?" – Rick Perry, in the throes of elation over his 39 percent re-election victory, refusing to commit to serving out his full term as governor, in case he gets a better offer

But assuming he is able to keep a lid on crime, White will present something Democrats haven't had in a long while — a formidable candidate for governor with a story to tell and the money to tell it … The story will be of competence, social progressiveness and fiscal conservatism. He will be a Democrat who passed his own revenue cap and, if very modestly, cut the city's tax rate. He will be a mayor who ended pay-for-play at city hall. Long live his name, long live his glory and long may his story be told.*Chronicle columnist Rick Casey, using the occasion of Rick Perry’s 39 percent re-election to write some early ad copy for Bill White’s 2010 campaign

"I highly doubt he would stay out of politics. Once the bug bites ... " – Alison Bell, addressing the future of her husband, Chris Bell, who has now lost races for political offices at three levels of government

*We added that last part, because it gives the piece more movement, and we felt like singing.

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