Friday, May 18, 2007

An Interesting Fact Regarding Our Town’s Alleged Schoolboy Jihadists That Still Begs for Some Explanation and/or Elaboration

As you may have heard or read, one of the four would-be jihadists who were stung by government informants while taking target practice (or something … ) up in Montgomery County caught 10 months in the pen this week for a mere federal firearms violation.

Another young Pakistani allegedly involved in the same hare-brained “plot” to aid the Taliban is supposed to go on trial Monday.

One eye-opening twist in this story that we’d like to learn more about is the fact that the property at Willis on which the four were allegedly honing their infidel-slaying skills (or, according to one of men’s attorneys, simply enjoying an old-fashioned Texas weekend of male bonding, presumably without beer) is owned by the Islamic Society of Greater Houston. We were first apprised of this connection by a story in the Houston Chronicle back in December, wherein the society’s ownership was mentioned in passing---a very hasty passing---with no further elaboration or comment from a society official. The news was attributed to a Houston-based FBI counterterrorism agent who was testifying in a Dallas detention hearing for one of the four.

As far as we can tell this portion of the agent’s testimony went unremarked upon by other media, save for another quickly passing mention in a story that aired on the CBS TV affiliate in Dallas.

Surely there’s an innocent explanation and the Islamic Society was unaware of what the government claims these Koran-thumping jokers were up to on its property. Or perhaps someone in the society colluded with the government and its informants by helping to set the foursome up. Or …

In lieu of clarification, we’ll just let our imagination run wild.

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