Wednesday, June 04, 2008

One Thing You Can Say About Sheila Jackson Lee …

Yep, there she was, briefly popping onto our TV screen as the MSNBC (or CNN, we forget which one we were watching*) cameras panned the audience as it broke up Tuesday night after Hillary’s “Ain’t Dead Yet” speech: the ubiquitous, the ever-present, the veritably unstoppable Sheila Jackson Lee, dressed in bright yellow (we think) and glad-handing as if her life depended on it (which it does, of course).

Sure, her politics are those of the cartoonish ideologue and, yeah, she treats (or treated---we believe in the Power of Now) her underlings horribly, but it appears that once SJL is by your side she’s there till the last dog dies or the asteroid hits, whichever. It would’ve been easy for the congress gal to beg off her commitment to Clinton and board the late train for Obama, especially give the way the contest became so racial-ized and all, but apparently (we’re hedging because we don’t know for certain) SJL values loyalty over expediency.

In the wake of Obama’s “clinching of the nomination” (which we always thought only happened during a roll-call of delegates at the convention) the local daily newspaper tagged SJL a “loser” for “investing considerable political capital in touting Hillary Clinton” and getting considerably less in return than if she’d invested in mortgage-backed securities. But Sheila Lee’s a winner in our book, and we hope she remembers this posting so that when we die she’ll show up at our funeral and deliver a half-hour (or more, hopefully) oration.

Anyway, we fully expect to see SJL Velcro’ed to Obama’s side in the very near future, although we'd imagine the senator's campaign has had plenty of time to tighten security.

*We started out watching MSNBC but had to change the channel after being nearly overcome by the gaseous fumes emitted by the combined personages of the always-unfunny and never-perceptive Keith Olbermann, the deadly pompous Tom Brokaw (“ … this is an extraordinary new generation---they think nothing of it when a black person walks into the room,” etc.), and the tendentious two-Irish-guys-blabbin'-on-barstools duo of Tim Russert and Chris Matthews ( who apparently has no "off" button when it comes to Obama).

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Anonymous said...

Sheila Jackson Lee will follow the cameras, and since they're on Obama now, you can bet she'll switch sides. She's an absolute joke of a congresswoman, more interested in flying around with presidential candidates than doing anything for her district. Wait, she did push for more "black" hurricane names.

District 18 in Houston (which she represents, or rather doesn't) needs someone who will actually work on issues instead of grandstanding. Let's get behind John Faulk to finally rid ourselves of Hurricane Sheila.