Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mayor Cusses, Entire F-ckin' City Falls Into Swoon

Hurricane Ike brought Bill White the kind of favorable publicity an elected official ordinarily has to purchase, providing the mayor a stage on which to burnish his image as a decisive, take-charge guy. And nothing that White has said or done in the aftermath of the storm has resounded louder than his reported use of the word "fucking" (or perhaps, more informally, "fuckin' ") when addressing ... two ladies from the Georgia Forestry Commission.*

Judging by the letters to the editor in today's Chronicle and the comments affixed to the newspaper's story on said incident (as well as the predictably approving column by stay-at-home columnist Rick Casey**), the news of White's deployment of the f-word as an emphasizing adjective (As in, "You need to be getting these fucking [or fuckin'] trucks out of here.") is being wildly applauded as an expression of the public's general pissed-offedness and fed-upness with the way some aspects of the "recovery" are going.

We, however, would have been more impressed had we learned that the mayor had used a bad word while bossing around two burly 6-foot-plus linemen from Georgia, or had stood up during a news conference and declared the CEO of Centerpoint to be a "sorry c-cksucker." Or maybe even barked a expletive or two at whoever's in charge of fixing all the stop lights in town (a task we believe is within White's purview).

But we do see a nifty slogan in the making should the mayor wind up in a gubernatorial match with Mofo Perry: "Bill White: So Tough He Cussed the Women and Made 'Em Cry."

*We know FEMA works in mysterious ways, but does the Georgia Forestry Commission's expertise really lie in the collection and distribution of emgerency supplies?

**Who, for his first post-Ike offering, actually got out of wherever he offices, driving all the way over to the east side to report that---hold on here---Galveston got it much worse than Houston, which, according to Casey, "got what you might call an electrical storm." Yeah, you might call it that, if you were blind.

NOTE TO READER(S): We intend to resume semi-regular posting here, assuming fuckin' Comcast can one day again supply us with fuckin' Internet service (hey, this cussin' really feels great!).


Banjo Jones said...

Welcome back, man. How was the South of France?

Is Malkovich still a nut?

My reaction to Mayor White's outburst is at least he didn't take the name of the Lord in vain, just the names of all women who have borne offspring.

Bill Crider said...

Everybody talks about the power companies, but what about Comcast? How soon will we have cable and Internet again? When I called, Comcast wouldn't even give an estimate. So I'm blogging from a Kroger deli. Hooray for Kroger and free wi-fi!

Anonymous said...

It is indeed a big, or very little, man who can shout profanities at ladies who have volunteered from another state.

rvisual said...

"It is indeed a big, or very little, man who can shout profanities at ladies who have volunteered from another state."

As the former prez of a small but nationwide organization of volunteers, I can tell you that volunteerin' don't get ya nothin'. Or in plain English, volunteering does not give anyone an excuse to be incompetent / holier than thou.