Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Synergistic Vibrancy: Meet the New Michael Pollack!*

Our mayor’s shilling on behalf of that downtown luxury condo high-rise (what, the new park with the Bill and Andrea White Promenade wasn’t enough consideration?) was hilarious on the face of it, but what’s truly funny is that anyone would seriously debate its propriety. Or at least pretend to consider with a straight face the possibility that El Alcalde’s letter trying to convince prospective tenants of the wonders of One Park Place was ethically sound, or even politically astute (setting aide the legal niceties).

We’ll leave it to others to point out the obvious shortcomings in that school of thought, but White’s huckstering makes us wonder whether he has advisers who actually give him advice. Advice he takes into consideration. We’re sure the production of the letter for developer-contributor Marvy Finger did not rise to a high-level policy discussion, but it would seem to be the kind of thing a politician with high aspirations might want to bounce off a trusted but straight-talking aide, someone who would have said, “I dunno, this looks kinda janky, chappie, besides being entirely pointless, and will open you up to considerable ridicule. Maybe you oughta toss that finely wrought missive in to the recycling bin and just go cut the ribbon when the place opens.” Y’know, a Rahm Emanuel type.

What it says to us is that White is not as smart as many people (including himself, we’d bet) think him to be.

Sure hope John Sharp stays in that Senate race …

*Somewhat dated reference to long-gone but not forgotten southwest Houston apartment huckster of the mid-’80s, best explained by this.


Kevin Whited said...

Very nice catch on synergistic vibrancy. I'm pretty sure there are seven other people in Houston who noticed that, but my estimate could be high.

Slampo said...

Kevin, Rick Casey picked up on it, so it's probably a lot more than seven.