Friday, October 07, 2005

Gloop. Glop. Gloss.

We've noticed, perhaps belatedly, that the Houston Chronicle is trying to horn in on what we assume is the lucrative franchise for slick piffle long held by Paper City magazine. Yes, the daily paper is dumping its very own glossy throwaway rag on local newsracks, and calling it, in an exercise of creativity previously unparalleled in America's newsrooms, Gloss.

Although apparently not available in our zip code, we stumbled across the product during a rare visit inside the Loop (there were plenty available), and after a hasty perusal, we could find only one word to sum up this soulless, pointless, cobbled-together catchall paean to goofy fashions, tasteless home décor and rich people with strangely palsied facial features. The word is pathetic. (We noticed the name of restaurant critic Alison Cook among the 800 or so Chronicle employees credited with the making of Gloss, and thus got our hopes up for some quality verbiage and gently withering assaying of the local social treadmill … but no.)

It's bad enough that Gloss is a shameless, point-by-point rip-off of the Paper City formula (no telling where they got it, of course). What's worse is that, in every respect, Gloss is head-and-shoulders below Paper City. Even the paper on which it’s printed feels like a sorry, cheap facsimile of Paper City’s truly superior asswipe.

Pathetic. (We said that already, right?)

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