Saturday, March 08, 2008

Expunged, Purged, Deleted, Not Available

A sharp-eyed reader who wishes to be identified as “Anon.” points out that a Houston Chronicle op-ed piece to which we linked in our last posting apparently has been removed from the newspaper’s on-line archives---lost to history, much like the faces of wayward capitalist roaders that were excised from formal group portraiture during the Soviet era. The two-week-old piece in question was penned by a local lawyer named David Berg, who hopped upon his large white steed and, to a great flourish of trumpetry in his mind, called on Hillary Clinton to abandon her candidacy in favor of the callow Obama. (While reading this work we recalled that a perceptive political operative had once given the author the nickname “Static Cling” in recognition of his weather vane-like talent for attaching himself to the winning side in a local election after his candidate had lost.) Although the Feb. 21 op-ed itself is no longer available except in frayed and yellowed editions of the Chronicle's dead-tree product, proof of its existence does live on in an archived correction the newspaper ran the following day:
In the article "Road to redemption for Clintons: Embrace Obama," by David Berg, on Thursday's Outlook page, B9, a sentence was edited incorrectly. The sentence should read, "If she needs more proof, take it on faith from one who has lived here forever: She's going to lose the Texas primary, too."

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