Saturday, March 15, 2008

Urban Hygiene

Our wife reports that she was returning from a field trip with a contingent of high schoolers recently when the portside of the bus erupted into raucous laughter and energetic rubbernecking near the intersection of Fannin and Richmond. The cause of the commotion was a woman who was nonchalantly shaving her legs at the bus stop. Apparently aware of her audience, the woman raised an arm and gave her pit a vigorous swipe or two with the razor. After the bus moved on and the laughter subsided our wife used the occasion for a hastily improvised admonition on the importance of staying in school, getting good grades, taking AP courses, etc.---lest you wind up shaving at a Metro stop, y’understand---although it seems an equally valid lesson to be drawn from the encounter is the need to keep one’s self spruce, even when one lacks a fixed address. Whatever the case, we suspect the spectacle was much more entertaining, and educational, than the visit to the theater.

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IJ said...

So what? I often shave while driving.

The only problem I have is when I hit a speed bump and the leather strap falls from the rearview and splashes hot lather into my scotch, causing me to lunge protectively for the cigarette and swerve into a tailspin that results in wild strokes of the straight razor.

I've probably lost more blood that way in the morning than almost every manner.