Sunday, January 07, 2007

But 1st, R U eCkperiensed?

The Houston Chronicle must be following the open borders/cheap labor policy espoused by its editorial page by contracting out some of its editorial work to overseas or foreign labor. How else to explain the following passage, which appeared in a Sunday Zest section profile on a local graffiti artist (who used to be a “graffiti writer,” but now he’s all growed up, apparently):
With permission, he has spray painted murals on buildings throughout the Houston area, creating everything from Dizzy Gillespie, Jimmy Hendricks and Madonna on a sound studio to a 60-foot downtown skyline on a pool hall.
Yeah, we think we’ve seen that one of Jimmy Hendricks---y’know, that obscure guitarist from way back in the late ’60s with the hard-to-spell name. He made Ackis: Bold as Love, did he not?

We readed it. We wepted.