Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Real John McCain?

Call us a Webb Democrat. At least this week.

Next week, who knows. The guy could go off and do something to embarrass us, maybe square up and paste Cheney on the chin (if Cheney is indeed still extant; it was hard to tell the other night if he’s dead or just supremely bored), and we’d have to delete this post or proclaim our self a post-Webb Democrat, perhaps a Ford Democrat (as in Harold, not Gerald). But this week Jim Webb gets our strong “buy” recommendation.

We notice all the girls who only a month or so were getting weak in the knees over that dreamy Obama are casting eyes at Jim. But will they love him tomorrow, when it’s time to come to grips with that “comprehensive” immigration reform?

The camera didn’t find him then, but we can't imagine that Webb applauded as obligingly as Nancy Pelosi when Bush plugged his favored immigration package. Webb has been unequivocal that increased border security should be the first priority, before Congress sets up any sort of “path to citizenship” for illegals.

That’s not the position of the Democratic leadership, of course, and it will be interesting to see whether Webb will hold fast or prove himself just another go-along (in which case we expect to see him shortly getting chummy with Imus every week, making us wish we hadn’t gotten up so early).

Watching him after Bush's speech, though, we thought we heard some of that music from the wild mountainside.

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