Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another Question for the Mayoral Candidates (A Continuing Series)

Q.: More than two years ago a “solid waste task force” co-chaired by Controller Annise Parker recommended to Mayor White that the city impose fees of $42 annually for residential garbage pick-up, which is now paid for out of general fund revenue. Other large cities already charge a higher rate for home-garbage retrieval. Although some changes in sold waste pick-up have been implemented, the residential garbage fee was never adopted. It still lurks, however, as a possible future source of revenue. Which of the following comes closet to your position?
  • I favor imposition of a monthly fee for single-family home garbage pick-up.
  • I favor imposition of a monthly fee for single-family home garbage pick-up, and any other revenue enhancement proposal that's brought to my attention. You got any?
  • I favor imposition of a garbage fee if it can be coupled with a corresponding reduction in property taxes.
  • I oppose--with no ifs, ands or buts--a garbage fee, and in fact you’ll see my own corpse mouldering in the landfill before the city implements one.
  • I think it's best to wait until after the election to say much of anything about this one.
  • Why would I want to address something as mundane as garbage pick-up when my consultants and advisers have crafted all these nifty PLANS and PROPOSALS and BLUEPRINTS to CREATE JOBS and IMPROVE EDUCATION and do all this ... stuff. Jesus!


Anonymous said...

This service is for the general as well as individual good, so I see no reason to split the fee out from general revenues. What they might do instead is impose a penalty fee on people who put recyclables in their garbage instead of making use of their recycling bins. Thus the fee payment would be voluntary, and would stimulate greater participation in recycling programs, which reduce landfill expenses.

Slampo said...

I agree, Anon., that home garbage pick-up should continue to be paid for out of the general fund, because it's an elemental municipal service like public safety and can't be metered like water & sewer. But the city did the right thing recently when it doubled the cost for an extra trash receptacle. Those things can hold 90 gal. of trash, something like that, and bear a load of 200 pounds, so if you can't stuff a mere week's worth of garbage in there you've got too many relatives staying at the house or are running a business out of it or are just one lazy peckerwood and whatever the case should pay extra. I'm not sure how popular a "voluntary" fee would be, though.