Friday, September 18, 2009

Trippy Whacked-Out Cactus Flower, With Flies

A few years back a friend gave up some cuttings from a non-spine-bearing cactus and told us that every once in a while they'd drop these bulbous pods that would explode into really interesting looking flowers. Only thing is, he cautioned, the flowers emitted a strong "dead meat" smell and would attract lots of flies. We've never been able to detect the putrid odor, but it must be there because the flies just can't keep their their nasty little shit-stained feet off 'em. In addition to being "hairy" the flowers have a rough, leathery texture, and we're thinking that when times get really tough we can string together a dozen or so and fashion a snug little codpiece.


Anonymous said...

check w/ Eldridge Cleaver for design ideas on the cod piece

Slampo said...

I had forgotten E's codpiece design. A true Renaissance Man was he, altho his design might not offer the snug fit that I'd be looking for, if you dig where I'm coming from. I'm thinking of something chic but affordable after the oil runs out, the seas rise and Obama takes away our guns.

Stijn said...

Very nice flowers!
It's a Stapelia gigantea plant. It doesn't belong to the cactus family, although it indeed looks very similar. It's an African plant, while the cacti are native to the New world.
You're lucky that it doesn't smell too bad. I think it also depends on the weather. Good luck!